17th March 2013


Korea is awesome. Such a fun country.

Alien Registration Card is coming soon, too!

Home internet access and an active Tumblr is sure to follow.

Expect pictures of my kindergarten classes. Random pictures from nights in Gangnam. Korean food. Mountains. And as always, hackneyed poetry.

6th January 2013

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6th January 2013

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6th January 2013

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I’ve been awake for 3 hours and already I need a nap.


I made it to one

6th January 2013


Today I need to

get my life together… well….

maybe tomorrow.

3rd January 2013

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Untitled (Smoking Nude) by Marc Le MenéAlso
Untitled (Smoking Nude) by Marc Le Mené


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3rd January 2013

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ahh, memories…

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3rd January 2013

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The Son

Ah son, do you know, do you know where you come from?

From a lake with white and hungry gulls.

Next to the water of winter
she and I raised
a red bonfire
wearing out our lips
from kissing each other’s souls,
casting all into the fire,
burning our lives.

That’s how you came into the world.

But she, to see me
and to see you, one day
crossed the seas
and I, to clasp
her tiny waist,
walked all the earth,
with wars and mountains,
with sands and thorns.

That’s how you came into the world.

You come from so many places,
from the water and the earth,
from the fire and the snow,
from so far away you journey
toward the two of us,
from the terrible love
that has enchained us,

that we want to know
what you’re like, what you say to us,
because you know more
about the world we gave you.

Like a great storm,
we shook
the tree of life
down to the hiddenmost
fibers of the roots
and you appear now
singing in the foilage,
in the highest branch
that with you we reach

— Pablo Neruda (via zentaku)

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2nd January 2013

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Darkened Cities by Thierry Cohen imagines the starry skies we’d see in urban areas if we turned off all the lights.

About the project:

Before these pictures can exist, the sky from one place has to be superimposed upon cityscape from another. It is impossible to see this detail in the night sky above a city. Atmospheric and light pollution combine to make looking into the urban sky like looking past bright headlights while driving.

By travelling to places free from light pollution but situated on precisely the same latitude as his cities, Cohen obtains skies which, as the world rotates about its axis, are the very ones visible above the cities a few hours earlier or later. To find the right level of atmospheric clarity, Cohen has to go into the wild places of the earth, the Atacama, the Mojave, the western Sahara.

As more and more of the world’s population becomes urban, and as we lose our connection with the natural world, so it becomes plain that damage is caused by light pollution. There may be connections to certain cancers, and there are psychological burdens of permanent day. The ‘city that never sleeps’ is made up of millions of individuals breaking natural cycles of work and repose. Lose sight of the sky, and you become a rat in a lab.

Cohen hasn’t simply shown us the skies that we’re missing. His cities look dead under the fireworks display above No lights in the windows, no tracers of traffic. They are (in fact) photographed in daylight, when lights shine out less brightly. In urban mythology the city teems with energy and illumines everything around it. Cohen’s pictures are crafted to say the opposite. These are cold cities, cut off from the seemingly infinite energies above.

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2nd January 2013

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